Welcome to the new and improved world of electric football

Welcome! If you haven’t played electric football recently, then this is the right place to get re-acquainted with the hobby. It’s so different and wayyy better than you remember.

If you haven’t heard about tweaking electric football bases, then take a look at this quick demonstration.

Electric football used to mean jamming your offensive linemen together, packing the QB and three running backs right behind them, and hoping your “mob” pushes the other guy’s mob backwards. That never looked like real football. Oh yeah, and passing was impossible, too!

Too bad you didn’t know this strategy to defeat the “mob” or wedge offense, right? Hehe.

That’s perfect! Can’t run the ball? Passing is impossible? How is this stupid game supposed to work?

First, stop whining in italic letters, and go click on How to Play Electric Football. Electric football has become cool, really cool. It’s so cool that there are literally dozens of electric football leagues in the USA, and there are a bunch of tournaments that attract EF “coaches” from all over the US and Canada! So, with Tudor Games re-acquiring the NFL license, and their new and innovative products (better bases, better boards), other vendors’ products appearing in the market, the hobby is improving and growing.

After you look through this website to understand the modern game, then you will really enjoy the MFCA Website. MFCA stands for Miniature Football Coaches Association, and it’s the hub for EF tournaments, EF rules, and a lively discussion forum.

For about 3 1/2 years, the MFCA issued a legitimate, full-color magazine about electric football. It was called The Tweak, and here are some of the covers. Click on any of them to access the download area, where all 15 issues are available.



In 2013, Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia wrote a book on the history of electric football (The Unforgettable Buzz). It gets rave reviews on Amazon (and other sites), and I thoroughly enjoyed my copy.

Earl Shores, Roddy Garcia, and Michael Kronenberg released a second book Full Color Electric Football in late 2015, and it’s fantastic! The photography brings the games to life. It brought back such vivid memories that I had a flashback to my blue-green shag carpet in my bedroom. Get more information on Full Color Electric Football at their website.